Bad Mommy!

When the kids were younger I use to love to take them everywhere. Don’t get  me wrong I still do love to take them out but Junior is fragile. I remember it being a beautiful day, that is why I made the decision to take the kids to Target. It’s at an outdoor mall  we like to walk around. When we were finished in Target, we walked to the car and I went to take Junior out of the cart. At this time he was only three and was still able to sit up. So he was in the front of the cart. Starting to pull him out of the cart and I felt his leg pull back down. His sneaker had gotten caught in one of the feet holes. I finally get his feet out and get him in his car seat. By this time he is balling his eyes out saying his leg is hurting. I told him to go to sleep and if it still hurts when you wake we’ll go to the doctors. He woke up about an hour later and wasn’t crying but if anybody touched his leg it would hurt him. So to the hospital we went. When the doctors asked him what happened he said “Mommy did it.”  It was the worst feeling in the world. Never did I mean to hurt him and I wanted to make sure he understood that. I also had to make sure the doctors didn’t misunderstand what he was saying. They did the X-RAY and turns out he had a Fracture on his lower leg. He was excited that he got to pick out his blue cast! He is such a trooper. Needless to say, we found a different way for him to go to the store. He now lays down in the back of the cart on a blanket. He is now getting a little to big for the back and will have to start staying at home more. Hopefully soon he will be able to sit in his wheelchair for longer periods again. Maybe on the next post I’ll discuss why he is having issues with that. Feel for to leave me a comment.

Until next time,